lawfulgoodguy: Be Thou For The People; a force for good, upholding the laws, fighting for justice. (Captain Flynn Scifo at your service.)

No man is above the law and no man is below it;

nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it.

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Name:Flynn Scifo
Birthdate:May 19
~ † ~

There's still something in you I believe in.

† RP journal for Flynn Scifo, as played by alory_shannon

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armor, artes, aurnion, be.thou.for.the.people, being a boyscout, being a good knight, being a goody-two-shoes, being superman, being the lancer, brave vesperia, capes, changing how things work, climbing the ranks, cooking, damon & pythias gambits, doing things by-the-book, empathy, enforcing laws, estellise sidos heurassein, fighting, following the rules, going on patrol, guilds, helping anyone in need, idealism, idk my bff yuri?, justice, keeping the peace, kicking ass+taking names, kicking yuri's ass swordfighting, kids, knightly duties, lecturing yuri, mystic artes, nordopolica, not giving up, obeying the law, playing by the rules, playing counterpoint to yuri, politics, promotions, repede, rescuing kittens from trees, rita mordio, schwann oltorain, seeing justice served, sparring, swordfighting, swords, the coliseum, the council, the empire, the imperial knights, the lower quarter, the union, trusting yuri, yuri lowell, yuri's wanted posters, zaphias
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